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Dr. Andrew Storms, DC

Dr. Andrew Storms, DC | Storms Chiropractic and Wellness Pleasant Hill

My philosophy when treating patients is that structure equals function. When the bones and joints are misaligned, it creates added stress on the body that is often hard to overcome. By removing the misalignments, and treating the soft tissue dysfunction there is less nerve interference, and the body is able to heal itself. When your body's structure is good, your function will be good

In our Wellness center I have brought together some of the Bay Areas best therapists with one goal, to bring your body back to balance and help you live a pain free life!

Dr. Storms grew up in Vancouver British Columbia starting his career in health care as a registered massage therapist graduating from a three year program in orthopedic soft tissue treatment. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in Chiropractic where he graduated on the Deans List at Southern California University of Health Sciences. After running his successful practice in Los Angeles for a number of years Dr. Storms moved up to the Bay Area and now lives in Alameda with his wife and 5-year-old twin boys, enjoying all the many great things the Bay Area has to offer. His personal interests include road and mountain biking and playing ice hockey.