Dr Storms is "hands on" the best specialist in the area. I have seen dozens of chiropractors and sports therapists over the years.

My job (professional skateboarder) beats me up. I get hurt often and Dr Storms is always there to get my body feeling good again. He doesn't only do a quick adjustment on the spine or neck. He works with your entire body. He finds the root of the problem and treats it. The man truly cares about health and wellness.

I only wish he was up here years sooner. For anyone with minor to major pain issues, I highly recommend this man.

The staff are very friendly as well. It is a great atmosphere. You will never heal in a negative environment.

Five stars. Above and beyond any chiropractic office in the east bay.

I hope this helps out when deciding if he's the right therapist for you.

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Corey D.

Thanks Doctor Storms ! Thanks to you my neck pain is gone and no more headaches.

You fixed me !!

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Barb C.

Dr. Storms is an incredible healer. His approach to understanding his patient's needs and concerns and his course of treatment is truly remarkable. So refreshing to see a Doctor who is totally vested in his patient's wellness.

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Lori P.

After going through the mill of Chiropractors who "crack you" and send you out the door within 10 minutes (with little relief) it was a relief to actually see someone who treated me as an individual. Dr. Storms was able to correctly diagnosis the cause of my back pain, something everyone else had overlooked ! Within a month my back pain was gone and it has not come back.

Dr. Storms is amazing ! I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking for pain relief.

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Frank B.

Dr. Storms helped me get rid of chronic shoulder pain that had been bothering me for years. He took the time to properly diagnosis the problem and was able to give pain relief that no other doctor could.

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Mike B.

After injuring my low back at the gym and suffering discomfort for months, a friend recommended Dr. Storms to me. Within a week my back pain was gone and Dr. Storms gave me a rehab program I could do at home that got my strength back. I would highly recommend him!

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Anna W.

Dr. Storms is the best! After suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain Dr. Storms was able to see the cause that nobody else seemed to be able to find, he got rid of my headaches after just two weeks of treatments.

Pleasant Hill Chiropractors
Barb G.